District 13

Macpherson, Potong Pasir

District 13 has always been known as a nice quiet place to live, but in recent years the housing estates have been dramatically transformed. Macpherson’s industrial development on Circuit Road is a great convenience to residents and a welcome enhancement. Further developments, both residential and commercial, make District 13 very appealing to property investors. 

Macpherson & Potong Pasir

Considering how far District 13 has come as a result of development over the years, the historical beginnings of Macpherson and Potong Pasir are surprising. The entire area was populated by destitute impoverished families. Until 1937 Potong Pasir was nothing but sand-quarries, which is where it got its name. Potong Pasir means “cut sand” in Malay. 

The area continued to struggle when finally, in the 1950s vegetable plantations started popping up everywhere, with farmers using standard forms of planting and harvesting their crops. Since vegetable farming could not provide much profit, farmers continued living with their families in old ramshackle attap dwellings. Those days are now over. 

District 13 is now being served by the Circle Line as well as the North East Line (NEL). This makes it easy for residents to get around the city and the island at large. More developments are underway in the district, namely The Venue Residences along with Sennett Residence.

The most important one is The Venue Residences because it is a mixed development in a great location at Tai Thong Crescent. This allows residents to easily make their way all over Singapore along major expressways or by public transport. Another important residential property is Sennett Residence because the area is home to a number of excellent schools, including Cedar Primary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, and St. Andrew’s School. 

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