District 17

Changi Airport, Changi Village

District 17 can be easily identified by the tourists flooding the area in recent years. This is where Singapore’s world-renowned Changi Airport is located, which was the impetus for all the new development. An area that was once made up of plantations, narrow tree-lined streets with few buildings, and a World War II military base is now a bustling recreational centre. 


Changi Airport Area

The entire area surrounding Changi Airport has transformed into an ideal spot for picnics, outdoor sports, and other recreational activities. People love visiting the Changi Exhibition Centre, the iconic round shopping mall Jewel @ Changi, and come annually to watch the Singapore Airshow

Changi Village

Changi Village is another area in District 17 that attracts people wanting a nice place to relax with family or friends. The Changi Village Hawker Centre is filled with eateries serving local dishes like mouth-watering nasi lemak. Great shopping is available at NTUC Changi Village. 

For recreation, you can play a round of golf or participate in various watersports at the Changi Beach Club and/or the Changi Sailing Club. People also like relaxing at the Aloha Loyang Hotel. But for those looking for adventure or to connect with nature, Pulau Ubin would be perfect and can be accessed via the Changi Point terminal.   

Because District 17 has become such a popular reactional area, a number of residential developments have been built in recent years. These include the Aston ResidenceCoastal Breeze Residences and JLB Residences offer residents panoramic ocean views, plenty of fresh air and a wonderful relaxing environment. 

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