District 2

Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar

District 1 and 2 together are an integral part of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), which spans Anson Rd., Neil Rd., and Tanjong Pagar. There has been much development over the years with numerous office towers lining the streets of District 2. These are where many well-known multinational corporations have offices. With all these skyscrapers, it’s hard to imagine District 2 as the little fishing town it was many years ago.  

District 2 has 99-year leasehold and freehold projects, both of which are much in demand among potential buyers, even if they only offer 1- and 2-bedroom units. Ranking 4th, The Dorsett Residences, with its 68 units, is located near Outram MRT Station. These units, at $2,446 psf, have the highest average asking price. The Icon is the most popular residential development, probably because of its prices. It offers the lowest asking price on average among the top 5 developments, at $2,017 psf in 2013.  


The most popular tourist attraction in District 2 is Chinatown because it’s filled with Chinese elements that display the culture. It’s also primarily populated by ethnic Chinese people, although less so now than in its colonial past. Visitors to Chinatown can see a variety of cultural and historical places of significance, such as the Chinatown Heritage Centre, named a national heritage site by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority. 

There are also a lot of Hindu and Buddhist temples in Chinatown that abundantly display the area’s cultural richness. Chinatown’s historical significance is also seen in how the streets are designed. This is especially true of the shophouses, which are a combination of Victorian and baroque designs. Chinatown is famous for its broad range of delectable Chinese and Singaporean cuisines. The area is filled with wonderfully affordable restaurants like the Qun Zhong Eating House and Restaurant Ember at Hotel 1929. 

Tanjong Pagar

As you further explore District 2, you will find more hidden treasures in Tanjong Pagar, an area with an active nightlife but not as well known to expats and tourists. Here, you can enjoy an exciting night scene with a variety of clubs, KTV bars and pubs situated along Tras Street. Also, Tanjong Pagar Plaza is made up of shophouses with all kinds of businesses, designated for this purpose by Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB). 

Chinatown’s food centre offers local dishes consisting of fish soup and nasi lemak, among others. Another “not to be missed” food paradise is Maxwell Food Centre where you can get mouth-watering chicken rice dishes. In recent years, Tanjong Pagar has acquired the name “Little Korea” as more eateries and restaurants have opened up in order to fulfil the desires of Singapore’s growing Korean population. 

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