District 24

Lim Chu Kang, Tengah

District 24 is in the north-western part of Singapore with Lim Chu Kang and Choa Chu Kang comprising this region. This is where Singapore’s four reservoirs are located, named Murai, Poyan, Sarimbum and Tengeh. In addition to these reservoirs, District 24 is made up of a forest reserve, with some farms, cemeteries, and campsites scattered throughout the region. Because the area is so desolated, school students and youth groups often use the area for leadership retreats, adventure camps and other activities. This is also where the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides have their campsites. 

Students and youth groups are not the only ones attracted to this region, as many tourists are as well. The farms in this area have become fairly well known and attract visitors. These include the Fire Flies Health Farm, Hay Dairies Farm, Jurong Frog Farm, and Quan Fa Vegetable Farm. Other areas that attract a good number of tourists are the Lim Chu Kang Jetty along with the Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. Also, the entire region is replete with cemeteries devoted to the burial of people of a variety faiths and nationalities. These include Ahmaddiya Jama’at, Bahai, Chinese, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Lawn Faiths, Jewish, and Parsi.

Lim Chu Kang

A Chinese immigrant named Neo Tiew founded Lim Chu Kang in the 1900s by developing what used to be called Ama Keng Village. He later established the Kay Wah School, now named Qihua Primary and commissioned the construction of the Kay Wah Temple, which is still there today. 

This region is known for the many blood baths that occurred here during World War II when thousands of Singaporeans defended their island from the Japanese who invaded it. This is why you will find a highly fortified military base within Lim Chu Kang. Visitors can also see a plaque that commemorates the soldiers and explains each battle.  

Choa Chu Kang

Starting in the 1980s, the Choa Chu Kang area of District 24 slowly developed into an HDB housing estate. Along with this, a wide variety of educational institutes started popping up to serve the people residing here. These include Bukit Panjang High School, Pioneer Junior College, and ITE West College. Public transport was built as well, namely the Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange, Choa Chu Kang LRT Station, and the Choa Chu Kang MRT Station. 

Plenty of shopping and recreational areas have been developed throughout Choa Chu Kang over the years. These include shopping centres like Junction 10, Lot One, Yew Tew Point and Yew Tee Square. There are a number of sports complexes and nature parks as well, including the Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Choa Chu Kang Stadium, and Tembusu Parks. This means residents here have the facilities they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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