District 25

Admiralty, Woodlands

District 25 is made up of Kranji and Woodlands and the Causeway going through this district directly links Singapore to Malaysia. This is why you see crowds filling the bus interchange on weekends with people taking short trips to Malaysia. District 25 also played a significant role in World War II as this is where soldiers from Australia, New Zealand and other British Commonwealth countries gave their lives fighting for Singapore. 

The Kranji War Memorial is here to mark the event and to honour the soldiers who sacrificed their lives on behalf of Singapore. This is their final resting place. The Woodlands area of District 25 used to be filled with rubber plantations, so this is where the name comes from. Woodlands is also the primary entryway on the Causeway leading to Malaysia, which is why it’s always jam packed with visitors and workers. 


Kranji is where the Singapore Turf Club is located, which operates Kranji Racecourse, Singapore’s only racecourse. Other Kranji attractions are the Kranji Reservoir, a popular fishing spot and an organic collective farm called Bollywood Veggies, which also operates an information centre. Supporting the construction industry in the area is the Kranji Industrial Estate. Kranji is also home to the SMRT Bus Limited and Huationg Inland Transport. 


Unlike Kranji, Woodlands is a far more residential area than commercial and has a number of HDB flats and condos like Forestville, La Casa and Woodgrove Condo. As such there are plenty of amenities throughout Woodlands encouraging a holistic lifestyle by focusing on health, education, and recreation. These include Causeway Point, Woodlands Regional Library, the Woodlands Swimming Complex and Woodlands Stadium. Woodlands is also home to a number of excellent schools like Innova Junior College, Republic Polytechnic, and Singapore Sports School. 

Contrary to popular belief, Woodlands is definitely not staid or boring. In fact, there are very interesting architectural styles throughout the area that some would even call experimental. These go a long way towards creating the vibrant vibe that Woodland has today. Apartment blocks being built today are nowhere near as plain as those built in the past. And many have beautiful parks, communal vegetable gardens and eye-catching décor. The main attraction in Woodlands today is Woodlands Square, which attracts a lot of visitors who love the vibrant modern vibe of Woodlands.

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