District 6

City Hall, Clarke Quay

District 6 is known for the exciting nightlife it offers locals and tourists alike, with a lot of fun nightclubs, bars, and pubs. It’s also home to Singapore’s Old Supreme Court and City Hall, both displaying the region’s historical and architectural roots. In the early 19th Century this area was known for its ports, and the brass statues lining the Singapore River pay homage to that time. Today, District 6 is among the busiest areas, offering residents plenty of options for work and play in places like High Street Centre, Parkview Square and at the Peninsula Shopping Centre. 

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is named after Sir Andrew Clarke, who was the second Governor of Singapore and from 1873-1875, Governor of the Straits Settlements. The area’s abundant historical significance is now being overshadowed by its popularity as a nightlife and leisure hotspot. However, we must not forget that Clarke Quay began as a 19th Century pedestrian mall and the centre of the firewood trade. 

Today, you will see a lot of warehouses in the area that popular nightclubs and restaurants now occupy. There are also a lot of old boats and Chinese junks that were originally used in the firewood trade, now refurbished into floating restaurants and pubs. In fact, The Cannery now occupies an old Chinese junk. 

Clarke Quay is also home to The Arena, a live music venue known for being the largest in the world. The Arena also hosts the city-state’s First Permanent Illusion Show, which is very popular. You can also experience the G-MAX reverse bungee in Clarke Quay, not too far from The Central, which is the shopping centre located above the MRT Station. 

City Hall

City Hall is quite another matter. Rather than being vibrant and lively like Clarke Quay, it’s very austere looking due to the neo-classical architecture. Examples of this are seen in St. Andrews Cathedral, the old Capitol Building and other government structures, like City Hall and the Supreme Court. In fact, City Hall served as the main Prisoners of War deployment centre during World War II. If the walls could talk, it would be about all the atrocities of that time. 

One shining moment occurred at City Hall in 1965 when Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew declared Singapore’s independence from Malaysia. These austere-looking buildings now house Singapore’s National Art Gallery, since the site was redeveloped into a major arts and cultural centre. 

City Hall is also home to some popular tourist attractions that include a number of popular hotels like Carlton Hotel Singapore, Fairmont Singapore, and The Stamford Singapore. Visitors also enjoy relaxing at Grand Park City Hall, the Singapore Recreation Club and CHIJMES for drinks.

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