District 8

Farrer Park, Serangoon Rd

District 8 is home to Little India, a thriving commercial, cultural and residential hub that was originally a Tamil enclave called Chulia Kampong. British colonialists allocated this area for Tamil immigrants who were coming to Singapore in huge numbers. Little India has become a major tourist attraction where people can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine and buy beautiful imported Arabian textiles.  

What many people overlook about Little India is that property here is a great investment due to its close proximity to the city, without the huge prices. An average condominium in District 8 like you would find at Oxford Suites or Cityscape is priced from $1,750 psf for a 1-bedroom unit. You can also find 3-bedroom units ranging from $1,450 to $1,550 psf. As the property market in Singapore keeps growing with new developments on the rise, property investors are keeping a close eye on Little India.

Serangoon Road

The location of Little India along the Serangoon River appealed to Tamil immigrants because it was perfect for raising cattle and trading in livestock, which is how many made their living. Today, you no longer find ethnic Tamils populating the area. As a result of a policy enacted by the People’s Action Party (PAP) to encourage racial cohesion and harmony, the entire area is more heterogenous. 

Little India now has several more urbanized communities that are surrounded by a number of modern shopping malls: Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours a day, Little India Arcade, The Verge, Serangoon Plaza and City Square, which is the first eco-friendly mall in Singapore. 

Tekka Market is also a nice addition to the area, providing the community with fresh meat, fish, vegetables, flowers, and spices. A short distance from Little India and you’ll reach Sim Lim Square, which is Singapore’s premier IT mall. This is a great convenience for residents who love buying all the latest electronic devices and IT gadgets. 

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